In the Path of Totality

Posted on 8/18/2017
Read these recent exclusive features to avoid a total eclipse by Amazon Business.

Marketing Momentum: How Two Companies Are Using CRM and Marketing Automation

Posted on 8/17/2017
Springfield Electric and State Electric Supply get it done.

Age of Uncertainty

Posted on 8/16/2017
With many economic, political, and social policies up in the air, experts weigh in on decision-making during uncertain times.

The Usual Suspects – China and the Dollar

Posted on 8/15/2017
After gaining for five consecutive trading weeks, copper started this week on a weaker note.

How to Compete on Customer Experience Online

Posted on 8/11/2017
How to provide extreme value and support to a customer base that still wants both.

Put a Little Muscle into Your Data Plan

Posted on 8/10/2017
How electrical distributors can take ownership of their e-commerce efforts by developing their own product data.

How Distributors Can Create a Culture of Innovation

Posted on 8/9/2017
It may be time to spin up a new, internal department that's focused on the future.

Is Tension in North Korea Fueling Copper's Surge?

Posted on 8/8/2017
Why the price of copper may be rising with the increasing threat of nuclear war with North Korea.

Marketing Momentum: What is Your Brand Promise?

Posted on 8/4/2017
How to strip down everything you claim to be or do, and really deliver your brand message.

Going the Extra Mile

Posted on 8/3/2017
As Amazon plans to hire 50,000 workers, industry spokespeople weigh in on what fast delivery means to them.

How to Hire Like Amazon

Posted on 8/2/2017
How to rev up your recruiting and hiring techniques in a tight labor market.

Copper Continues to Climb

Posted on 8/1/2017
Copper has had quite the run since we last met—its price per pound hit a two-year high on Friday.

Pushing Your Company's Value Equation Through the Roof, Part II

Posted on 7/28/2017
Five ways to set your electrical distributorship apart in today's competitive business environment.

Pushing Your Company's Value Equation Through the Roof, Part I

Posted on 7/27/2017
How distributors can get their customers to think beyond price and rely on the expertise.

Here's How Electrical Distributors Can Beat Grainger in E-Commerce

Posted on 7/26/2017
Rather than being intimidated by, distributors can borrow features to leap-frog their way over.