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Will deficit cause higher lead prices?

Last week, the bank bailout in Cyprus caused the U.S. dollar to strengthen against the Euro. In response, the industrial metals, quoted in dollars on the London Metal Exchange, dropped across the board.

Experts anticipate silver surplus to continue

With individual investors, silver may be the poor man’s gold, but to  industrial users, it’s one of the more expensive metals they have to buy. Therefore, the recent dip below $30 an ounce was welcome relief.

Iron ore prices predicted to drop dramatically

Iron ore prices have been relatively high recently, but analysts are predicting a decline in iron ore prices, which would lower the costs of making steel.

Construction spending fell in January, Census says, but Reed reports jump in starts

Construction spending in January totaled $883 billion at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, down 2.1% from December but up 7.1% from January 2012, the Census Bureau reported today.

SEC gives approval to Blackrock's trust for physical copper

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave the New York Stock Exchange’s electronic platform, NYSE Arca, approval to list and trade shares in Blackrock’s iShares Copper Trust, the second investment product for physical copper.

Sequestration threats vary by program, state; IP, orders imply tepid factory construction

Unless Congress enacts a repeal or delay by March 1, sequestration—spending cuts totaling $85 billion between then and September 30, and $1 trillion over 10 years—will begin then.

Polymers trending upward

Polymers have generally been trending upward from three months ago on increased demand. For example, PVC recently priced at 94 cents per pound on orders of 250 metric tons or greater.

Construction costs edged up in 2012; Dodge Momentum Index gains

Building construction costs rose 0.4% in the fourth quarter of 2012 and 1.5% over the past year, according to the Means Historical Cost Index that the RS Means division of Reed Construction Data.

Most states add jobs in December; McGraw-Hill Construction starts leap

New construction starts in December climbed 23% at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, McGraw-Hill Construction (MHC) reported this week, based on data it collected.

Gold holding in place

One might be foolish indeed to attempt to predict the price of gold six months into the future. Countless investors and scores of analysts attempt to do so every day with results that as often disappoint as satisfy.

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