October 27, 2011 Green News


Green Channel

More on Greenbuild: A wrap-up of the 10th annual event’s news and views includes info on “ingredient labels” for products and more on an LEED credit adaptation program for data centers. Also in the Green Channel: News from the USGBC on LEED. Two views on the “LEED automation” program; training in New Jersey; winners of LEED for Homes Awards; and the biggest non-profit LEED Platinum is a feather in Bill Gates’ cap. More...


We’re back on solar this week, but this time putting forward the various hurdles that need to be overcome. One hurdle has to do with PV panels blocking the neighbors’ view in California; another tackles the question—would you rather have one 50MW solar plant, or 100 of them sized at 500kW? Also in Eco Power: Municipal budget cuts threaten solar and why you don’t see many sales of BIPV products. More...

Energy Efficiency

Many IT-focused companies want to improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) and Google has claimed to have the secrets. Now, the big search engine company has a seven-step program to help. Also in Energy Efficiency: A construction company grows through adding energy audits to its offerings; “real-time managed services” could save users 10% or more; and Canadian energy efficiency efforts. More..


Inside corporations, it’s actual people who make the decisions on going green or not. Who’s doing the advising, and who’s doing the deciding? Some entities have chief sustainability officers. Of the 29 CSOs recently surveyed, only four could boast of having an MBA. Also in Sustainability: Perspectives from consultants and CFOs. More...

Green Data Points

Green is not something for the “future” agenda—it’s happening now. Proof comes from a DOE report and data on “electricity and cost reduction goals of business.” Also in Green Data Points: In 2011’s first half, the nation added 2,151MW of newly installed wind and 582MW of solar. What’s more—projections for residential electricity use show it going down. More...

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