November 3, 2011 Green News


Green Channel

Did you know that there is a "Billion Dollar Green Challenge" and the "Campus Conservation Nationals 2012" going on, both about energy-saving and both involving colleges and universities? Also in the Green Channel: How folks in Kentucky discovered that it could make energy-saving changes "without spending any money whatsoever." Ask Americans: Almost three in four support funding for greener schools. More...


The smart grid is coming, but what can energy users do about it now? Ideas come from Buildings, CSE magazine, InTech, and IEEE's Smart Grid newsletter. Also in Eco-Power: A consultant surveyed key folks on the smart grid; see his summary. And, NIST offers a second release of its standards (a "framework") for the smart grid. More...

Energy Efficiency

Are green jobs great, or an idea that didn't work? Briefs and links with information about failures of two federal efforts, successes claimed by Con Edison and Siemens (in separate places), and more. Also in Energy Efficiency: New York's new law promises "tens of thousands" of green jobs, via a demand boost for retrofits. More..


Everyone wants to be greener than the next, but small manufacturers are having a great deal of trouble moving in that direction, according to a survey. Also in Sustainability: Buffalo, N.Y.—smart, sustainable and sexy? Plus the world now has 7 billion living, breathing, eating human residents; how can we make that sustainable? More...

Green Data Points

Fast DC Charging is not the phrase on everyone's lips, even among EV enthusiasts. But seven auto-makers think it should be, and are collaborating on a single DC charging standard. Along different lines, 10 U.S. states have formed an alliance to boost EV charging infrastructure. Also in Green Data Points: Which California city thinks it should become the "mecca" for the EV biz? More...

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