November 24, 2011 Green News


Green Channel

Green houses offered by enterprising home builders—including one at 3,200 square-feet, another at 2,600 square-feet, and a product line ranging no higher than 1,544 square-feet—are making news in the Green Channel this week. Meanwhile, in Congress, legislation pushing SAVE would mandate that the big mortgage lenders take energy efficiency more seriously. More...


An article written by an author from within the solar industry claims that solar PV is becoming the cheapest way to create electricity. Also in Eco-Power: 100,000-plus are employed in the U.S. solar industry and the DOE completes loan guarantees for four solar projects one day before the deadline. More...

Energy Efficiency

Microsoft likes the idea of helping you make your building more intelligent and is talking about it online. Energy efficiency and demand response seem to fit together, except that only 56 out of 2,016 utility programs do both. Also in Energy Efficiency: Private financing for energy efficient projects and the PACE Commercial Consortium doesn’t want any government money. More..


How do you go about making sustainability part of everyone's job? An insurance provider may have figured this out. A real estate giant's key green executive writes that "becoming a sustainable company is more than just recycling and reducing energy;" what else is there? Also in Sustainability: The DOE names 2011 Sustainability Awards winners and a new sustainable lodging network solves hotel mysteries. More...

Green Data Points

A writer took a Chevy Volt on a 1,100-mile test driver and reported back, on, with a very positive review. Also in Green Data Points: Another look at the Pike Research projections finds small states will play a bigger role in the future of EVs and has Fisker stepped into the shoes of Solyndra? More...

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