November 17, 2011 Green News


Green Channel

ASHRAE 90.1-2010’s tougher energy requirements are now recognized by DOE; states have until Oct. 18, 2013 to make the 2010 standard their own. On another angle, BOMA likes Standard 189.1. Also in the Green Channel: News from some big names such as TIME magazine, Amory Lovins, and Wal-Mart; the DOE finds $10 million to put into lighting R&D; and credit unions in Jacksonville offer energy efficiency loans to businesses. More...


We’ve posted a huge increase in manufacturing jobs thanks to wind power, but is the U.S. in the process of blowing it? An article on asks that question. Be sure to see the graphic on growth in wind’s share of renewable energy production, 1990-2010. Also in Eco-Power: Using wind energy directly to recharge the batteries of EVs and an encouraging report on small wind growth in 2010. More...

Energy Efficiency

The DOE has helped Wal-Mart to figure out savings on parking-lot lighting with LEDs. The DOE is working with NASA to build the greenest building. Also in Energy Efficiency: GSA looks at the performance of green buildings in a four-year study and a look at financing options for solar PV in schools. More..


Corporations once felt that government was pushing on energy efficiency, but now, a survey reportedly shows they are looking at sustainability from another angle. Also in Sustainability: Cisco’s “packaging diet” and what has that done for the corporate waistline; 9 tips for your company on getting greener supplies. More...

Green Data Points

We’ve devoted the news this week to EVs but, have also included not just data, but some “negative” pieces on what’s going on out there, as well as a “pro” angle. Also in Green Data Points: Find out where the Smart Grid fits for utilities coping with EVs; what Morningstar sees when it look at the future of EVs; folks in the South don’t want to pay $501 for home EV charging; 7.7 million EVs on Earth by 2016. More...

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