November 10, 2011 Green News


Green Channel

The "negative energy house" could become more common and apparently there is one you can visit. Siemens has helped produce a guide to making public housing greener. A Greenbuild panelist gives advice on green features that new home buyers are looking for. Also in the Green Channel: A new green appraisal form offers hope; LEED community ideas; lavish houses made sustainable. More...


Some say alternative energy won't work without the Smart Grid and energy storage—this week, some ideas on the latter. New Mexico now boasts a real grid-tied solar energy storage unit. Also in Eco-Power: News about storage on the customer side of the meter, also known as "micro energy storage." We also cover a research firm’s assessment of the market, what Johnson Controls is doing in Wisconsin, and a new modeling tool. More...

Energy Efficiency

Vornado is making the "energy information portal" work for office building tenants in New York City. The company is motivating tenants to do some key things, like lighting retrofits. Also in New York City, we take a four-years-later look at PlaNYC. Also in Energy Efficiency: News on an "ultra–green" building that is under construction in Seattle and in Los Angeles, a plan for retrofits of 400 buildings. More..


Stung by shareholders that want it to do something, Microsoft has a pilot program to check on its supply chain. Coca-Cola thinks it is doing the right things, and plans to put its greenest foot forward at the London Olympics. Also in Sustainability: Estee Lauder says your very expensive product can have sustainable package that is "normal." More...

Green Data Points

Concentrating solar power sounded like a good idea at several planned U.S. facilities, but PV costs have fallen enough so that 2.25GW of CSP has been shifted to PV. The price fall is one reason U.S. solar installs increased 69% in one year (from Q2/10 to Q2/11). Also in Green Data Points: Global solar manufacturing capacity was 100MW per year in 2000, is now 50,000MW. More...

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