December 1, 2011 Green News


Green Channel

Do green buildings have to cost more? A recent article delves deeper into that question. A free green toolkit is being offered to building owners and tenants and a free Title 24 guide on residential lighting design is now available. Also in the Green Channel: A recent study compared the National Green Building Standard for homes with LEED-H and one of is said to be much less expensive than the other. Plus news that 25% of homes built in 2010 were Energy Star. More...


More than half of Ikea’s U.S. stores and 75% of Wal-Mart’s California stores are putting solar on rooftops. Also in Eco-Power: Planners in Fresno County, Calif. just approved three solar farms and old landfills in Massachusetts are being turned into sources of renewable energy. More...

Energy Efficiency

Hard regulations and soft initiatives are taking us toward 60% or higher reductions in energy consumption in buildings and net-zero energy is the eventual goal. Separately, a report says national energy bill-payers could save up to $150 billion annually with just a little more energy efficiency. Also in Energy Efficiency: A draft of a production specification for LED lamps from the EPA (Energy Star) has been released. More..


Newsweek gave a green score to and ranked U.S. and international companies. On the bottom, five of “the bottom 10” (ranked 491 to 500) were financial concerns. An article from CNN Money looked at green product ratings and came away less than enthusiastic. Also in Sustainability: A key executive at Jones Lang LaSalle looks at how the built environment can help a company with its green branding. More...

Green Data Points

Everyone knows demand response will grow, but Pike Research puts the boom at 469% from 2011 to 2016. Pike also looked at industrial energy management and expects 572% growth from 2011 to 2020. And when ACEEE looked a bundle of utility electric bills, it found a remarkable lack of information. Also in Green Data Points: Lux Research identifies five grid storage technology leaders, but two of them may not survive. More...

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