Distributor Internship for Manufacturers Program

Strengthen the bond between you and your customers

The NAED Distributor Internship for Manufacturers program is designed to strengthen the distributor-manufacturer relationship by sharing knowledge and building trust. Integrate this into your associates’ development plans and engage employees interested in an informative, relationship-building 2-day internship.

Your employee will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what drives a distributor’s business decisions and profitability
  • Experience how your product is stored, shipped and how it goes out to the customer
  • Learn the value of distribution for end-users
  • Discover how to help your distributors and ultimately increase your sales
Once the associate is registered, NAED will assist in matching your associate with a mutually agreed upon distributor location* for the visit. They will be given access to the NAED Learning Center full of tools and resources to be utilized before, during, and after the visit.

Tools include:
  • Online courses to prepare for the visit
  • Outline for defining a typical day
  • Onsite activities, such as following an order through branch operations
  • Discussion guides to use during your visit
  • Post-visit templates and activities
Visit the Distributor Internship for Manufacturers site to register an associate today! If you have any questions about the program, please contact NAED Member Services at (888) 791-2512.

* Distributors must be an existing customer of the manufacturer; program is not designed for identifying new sales opportunities.