Do know someone who is 34 years old or younger as of midnight EST on April 7, 2017, and shows dedication and innovation on the job, displays leadership skills or has taken on a leadership role, has achieved a certification or is focused on training for success, and/or demonstrates remarkable people skills? If so, be sure to nominate that person to be a 2017 "rising star" of the electrical industry!

Entries will be accepted March 6 through April 7, 2017. All entries must be submitted via through our electronic entry system. (The page will not go live until March 6.)


The following information should be broken out into individual statements. We highly recommend that you prepare each in advance, then copy/paste into the submission form.

  1. Your nominee's name, title, email address, and age as of midnight 4/7/17.
  2. A brief explanation (up to 500 words) of why you think your nominee should be chosen.
  3. Examples of how the nominee demonstrates dedication to his/her career.
  4. A list of known education/training completed by the nominee.
  5. Ways in which the nominee demonstrates leadership/people skills on the job.
  6. Ways in which the nominee demonstrates work/life balance.
  7. Any additional information you would like the judges to know about your nominee.

Learn all about our 2017 contest in our FAQ pdf.

Questions may be directed to Misty Byers, tED editor, at

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